Hi, I’m a Discrete and Computational Geometer.

My name is John Bowers. I’m a discrete and computational geometer and teach computer science at James Madison University. I started this blog in order to have a space to write about geometric problems and coding that I find interesting. I have also been developing a library for exploring discrete and computational geometry in python called KoebePy. My goal for this blog is to host tutorials on how to use KoebePy to explore discrete and computational geometry. I hope that you find something interesting here and are inspired to code your own explorations yourself (or even help develop KoebePy!).

Published by John Bowers

John Bowers is an assistant professor of computer science at James Madison University. His research is in discrete and computational geometry and includes such eclectic areas as origami folding, circle and sphere packing, and polyhedra living in more exotic geometries. When not mathing or teaching, he can be found spending time with his lovely wife and hilarious kids, mountain biking, rock climbing, or playing Overwatch.

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